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My creative process

Jul 22, 2020

I have learnt drawing and painting when I was young, with my mum, who is an artist. I was quickly immersed in a colour, pictorial techniques and artistic culture.

Then, during my studies, I have learnt that « know how to draw » is not enough. You have to develop a creative process, it means to have ideas and embody it.

I define creative process by a way which begins with the idea and ends by a consistent set of productions.

Many of people make moodboards or other Pinterest boards. I tried to classify, put them in order of priority, store them. But it did not work at all ! I use Pinterest to record images that i like, but i rarely come back to my boards with the pins I registered. I tried to store images by theme or colour but i think i have no rigour at all !

So I create my own creative way.

First of all : find a theme

When I was an employee and use to work with my customers, people gave me a theme, images, colour orientations : the design brief.

Now, I have to give a theme to myself : it structures my tought and my draws. As a lot of creative people, I have a lot of ideas and it is hard because choosing means eliminating. Selection of the topic is not easy and I choose several of them, and keep the best sketches.

Predilection topics, which will be rich are things that touch me, things which i have a heart link with.

My first theme, which led me to create « Point d’Esprit », « jour brodé » and « Aux fuseaux » came after removing my grand ma’ closets. Beside blood relationship, I share a passion for fabrics, materials and colours. She used to made cross stitch embroidery, knitting and patchwork artwork.

She used to sorted out fabrics, threads, and pieces of fabrics that she cut in old garments or linen. Every piece was stored in metal boxes. I kept everything and took it in the studio to see what I could do with.

First draw for Le Pompon was a sketch of Point d’Esprit pattern, designed with ball pen from an old embroidery on a linen bed sheet. And this design is the most succesful today !

Color search

I work with paintings and it begins by a particular wish. For the lastest collection, I wanted a yellow. I generally have the colour in my brain and I blend and test a lot of colours before obtaining my perfect yellow. The shades are infinite. For this yellow, I added a touch of blue to give the freshness.

I fulfilled sheets with spots of colours.

Then, images search

When I have a theme in my head, i run image search, photos, samples. For the Abeille chérie pattern, I began with photos of bees, i made sketches, then complex drawings. Studying the overall shape, learning how it is built, and why you can see a bee and not a wasp or a fly.

First sketch is sometimes the right one, but i know it when i have done a lot a tests and draws, and when i compare.

About bee case, i though the small one, then from another complex and bigger design, I have tested. I loved the appearance and presence of the bee on the quasi totality of the napkin. I wondering if you will love it as well and it is clearly your favorite of the second collection !