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Made in France :

Aug 11, 2020

Made in France has always been a priority in the project.

It came as an evidence because I wanted an ethical product. At that time, I was in a transition phase, and i was challenging my buying habits. What is made from ? Where it has been made ? How it is made and who made it ?

Then I discovered a lot of french companies that manufacture in France since generations and which have a real commitment on safeguarding « savoir faire ».

The other question I answer each time I want to buy something is « to who am i going to give my money ? »

The provenance of the fabric and manufacturing are very important in the project for 4 reasons:

-         -  Citizen based approach : local employement

-        -   Human approach : encourage dignified working conditions, with french labour law, which protect employees.

-         -  Safeguard french savoir faire

-         -  Eco friendly approach : french companies are subject to high environmental standards which is not common in a lot of countries. Chemicals used, processes control etc...