Le Pompon designer

After graduation in textile design, Lucie begins her carreer in the automotive industry, a very technical and innovative sector. During several years, she improves her vision of colours, learns on woven techniques, and refi nes her knowledge on textile printing, embroidery... After a while, in a quest for more freedom and creativity, she decides to quit the automotive industry and pursue her own dream in the sector which has always attracted her... the home decor.

L'histoire du Pompon

The origins of Le Pompon

Then she begins to seek her own style. One day when she opens her grandmother closets, she discovers unexpected treasures - tons of beautiful fabrics, laces, embroideries, pompoms, all meticulously sorted and classified. She preciously bring all these forgotten authentic materials back to her studio thinking of a way to use them. And rather than using them in her creations and see them disappearing, she chose to redraw, reinterpret and reinvent them with various forms and technics.

Le Pompon was born...